2100 Wharton Street Exterior



In 2012 an affiliate of RexxHall Realty acquired Birmingham Towers at 2100 Wharton Street, Pittsburgh, a 225,000-square-foot office building that at the time was only 30% occupied. In order to revamp the space, RexxHall Realty embarked on a program to transform the edifice’s facade, entrance and lobby to create an inviting and modern office center. In only four months of showing prospective tenants a cache of 3D renderings, approximately 126,000 square feet of space was leased, translating to 86% occupancy.

375 Bridgeport Avenue Bathroom

375 Bridgeport Ave 1

375 Bridgeport Ave 2


Affiliates of RexxHall purchased two buildings in Shelton, Connecticut, 375 Bridgeport Avenue in 2008 and 889 Bridgeport Avenue in 2011 and embarked on a series of capital expenditures to reinvent each building and attract new tenants. Each building’s lobby, bathrooms, HVAC and common areas were all completely renovated and given alluring updates. Further, these renovations conformed with UI’s standards for energy-efficiency rebates which caused the electricity bills to decrease by more than 40% per year, allowing RexxHall to achieve 100% ROI within a scant two years. From the time of purchase of these two properties, occupancy has risen from 65% to a robust 95%.

375 Bridgeport Avenue Interior

375 Bridgeport Ave

375 Bridgeport Ave 3

Before and After
375 Bridgeport Ave 4

1 Greenwich Place Entrance

1 Greenwich Place 3